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BB Motors

Our job is to help you find a quality used car for the price that you want
without all the usual nightmares and hassles of buying a car.  We consider
ourselves as the ultimate boutique auto broker in the Southern California

Custom order your car today and we'll do the shopping for you!!!
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Buying a Car is as easy as:
Call us at 888-242-1888 or email us so we
can assist you in finding your specific car. Our
staff will explain the easy process, the costs
and delivery schedule.
Done!! No Hassles!!
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After giving your car a careful dealer
inspection, it is time for you to come
sign the required paperwork and take
your car home. Happy Driving!!!
We email you information on the cars that are
available. You pick the cars you are interested
in and we pick up the car for you.
4340 Campus Dr.
Suite 203
Newport Beach, CA 92660
888-242-1888 Office
949-266-5704 Fax